All About Sticky Password Manager and Safe

You are curious about the Sticky Password manager and want to know more about it.

Sticky Password is a simple and secure password manager. You use it to store all your passwords in one safe place, generate strong passwords and automatically log into websites that require usernames and passwords.

It is a valuable tool that will save you a lot of time you may currently be wasting on organizing and managing your passwords.

And you don't have to be a computer genius to use it!

Screenshot of Sticky Password automatically logging into TwitterSticky Password manager and safe

This page is an overview of how to use Sticky Password from the point of downloading it, to the point when you're ready to manage your passwords with it.

You'll find links to all the different aspects of Sticky Password, from information about how to download, license and install it, to how to use it to automatically log into websites and shop on the Internet with one click.

In other words, every aspect of it from learning what it does to using it to manage passwords.

Section 1: Introduction to Sticky Password

Shows Sticky Password Web Accounts section

Why use Sticky Password?

Why use Sticky Password? What does it do? How can it help you manage your passwords better?

In this article you will learn more about Sticky Password and its advantages.

Discover why and how Sticky Password can organize and manage passwords for you.

Section 2: Downloading and Installing Sticky Password

Installation progress bar

Install Sticky Password

You are familiar with Sticky Password and want to install it on your computer.

This article shows you where and how to download the Sticky Password installer file and save it on your computer.

It also guides you through the Sticky Password installation process on your computer.

StickyAccount initial setup screen

Sticky Password Initial Setup

After you install Sticky Password you will need to perform an initial setup.

This article takes you through the creation of your StickyAccount, synchronization configuration and web browser integration.

With StickyAccount you can manage your devices, set synchronization and backup options and administer your license.

Web Accounts area for managing website logins and passwords

Sticky Password First Run

Congratulations! You installed Sticky Password and are ready to start using it.

In this article we run Sticky Password for the first time and go through the basic screens.

Sticky Password is straightforward, simple to use and secure.

Section 3: Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password Premium unlock windowSync, backup and share passwords

Sticky Password Premium

You want to have your passwords synchronized across all your devices, have backups of your Sticky Password database and share passwords with family, friends and colleagues.

In this article we look at password sync, backups and sharing features that come with Sticky Password Premium.

We also explain how Sticky Password Premium works and how to get a license.

Buy Sticky Password Premium license

Buying Sticky Password Premium license

You want to buy a Sticky Password Premium license to enable additional features like password sync, backups and sharing.

This article guides you step by step through the license purchase process.

It also shows you how to install the license in the Sticky Password application.

Section 4: Random Password Generation

Screenshot of Sticky Password random password generatorRandom password generator

Random Password Generator

From time to time you have to generate a new secure password. It could be for a new website account, or to change a password on an existing one.

This articles shows you how to use the Sticky Password random password generator to create strong passwords.

You can also use the Sticky Password security dashboard to identify and change weak, old or reused passwords.