Sticky Password Premium: sync, backup and share passwords

You would like to get a Sticky Password Premium license to take advantage of password synchronization, backup and sharing.

The free version of Sticky Password comes without three features: synchronization (sync), backup and password sharing.

To activate sync, backup and password-sharing features, you need to purchase a Sticky Password Premium license.

Let's take a closer look at each of these three features.

If you purchase Sticky Password Premium through links on this page I receive a small commission at no cost to you. I was not paid by Sticky Password and did not receive my license for free. I'm suggesting it for you because I use it and love it, and I think you would, too.

Sticky Password Premium license special for Password Professor readers

Lifetime license: $39.99 (80% off / save $160)

No automatic recurring billing.
30-day money back guarantee.
Offer valid through June 30, 2021.

Sticky Password Premium features

Synchronization (sync)

Computer, tablet and smartphone screen shown next to each otherKeep all devices in sync

If you would like to install Sticky Password on multiple devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones) and have all your passwords that are stored in Sticky Password be available on all your devices, you need the sync (synchronization) feature.

When you make any changes in Sticky Password on one device, the sync feature automatically copies those changes to Sticky Password running on all other devices.

There are two sync options. Sync via:

  • Sticky Password cloud; or
  • Local WiFi sync (your encrypted data never leaves your devices)

When you make any changes in Sticky Password...

  • Change / update a website password
  • Add a new website username/password record
  • Modify password-related information like a website security question
  • Add or change credit card information for one-click shopping
  • Update a Sticky Password note or memo

...with a sync feature you always have all your passwords and other information available on all your devices.


Web Accounts screen and cloud symbolBackup passwords and data to cloud

If you would like your Sticky Password database (where passwords, notes, memos and other information is stored) backed up to Sticky Password secure cloud, you need the backup feature.

The backup feature protects your from losing your Sticky Password database if your computer gets lost, stolen or broken into by Internet thieves.

If a disaster strikes and you have to reinstall your computer or buy a new one, when you install Sticky Password on it again it will retrieve your Sticky Password database from the cloud.

Even without a disaster, if you need to you can go back in time and restore your passwords and other information from multiple time-stamped versions of your Sticky Password database.

Password Sharing

Sharing Center screenShare passwords easily and securely

If you would like to share your email, bank account, Netflix or any other website account with your significant other, family, friends or colleagues, the best, easiest and most secure way to share passwords is with Sticky Password.

You can control who you share your passwords with, and if they can modify them or not. If you don't want to share a password with them any longer, you can revoke their password using privilege easily.

If you allow them to modify passwords, and they update a password, then you will have the updated password as well. You don't have to coordinate or schedule password changes any more.

When sharing passwords across teams you can apply good password habits across your business and improve employee productivity.

Sticky Password Premium license special for Password Professor readers

Lifetime license: $39.99 (80% off / save $160)

No automatic recurring billing.
30-day money back guarantee.
Offer valid through June 30, 2021.

How Sticky Password Premium works

When you install Sticky Password (the free version) on your computer, you create your personal StickyAccount.

StickyAccount is a unique account that you use to manage passwords stored in Sticky Password manager.

With StickyAccount is how you assume ownership of your personal Sticky Password database. Every time you unlock Sticky Password with your Master Password, save or modify a password or update a note, you are interacting with your StickyAccount.

StickyAccount is also used to administer your license (if you purchase one and your Sticky Password turns into Sticky Password Premium), set synchronization and backup options, and manage your devices.

These Sticky Password administration tasks can be done by logging into with your StickyAccount and Master Password.

When you purchase a license for Sticky Account Premium you will receive your License Key in email. It will be sent to the email address that is your StickyAccount username, the one you used to create your StickyAccount.

You should have Sticky Password (free version) already installed on your computer. If you don't, go back to the Sticky Password guide and install it first.

When you receive your Sticky Password License Key follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Log into
  2. In the Dashboard Tab, navigate to My Licenses
  3. Click on the Enter new License Key link on the right side of the screen
  4. Copy & paste your License Key from email you received and click Apply

Congratulations! You now have Sticky Password Premium!

The Sticky Password Premium license is "attached" to you, not your computer.

Screenshot showing a text field to enter license keySync all your devices with one license

With one Sticky Password Premium license you can install Sticky Password Premium on all your computers, tablets and smartphones, and all of them will have access to all your passwords.

What ties them together is your StickyAccount. On each computer, tablet and smartphone, use the same StickyAccount and its license when you install Sticky Password.

All your devices will be connected each other, keeping all your passwords and other Sticky Password data available to you at all times.

The takeaway

Sticky Password Premium enables you to synchronize your passwords, back them up, and share them with your family, friends, colleagues, teammates and anyone else who has Sticky Password.

Sticky Password Premium license special for Password Professor readers

Lifetime license: $39.99 (80% off / save $160)

No automatic recurring billing.
30-day money back guarantee.
Offer valid through June 30, 2021.