Sticky Password: First Run on Windows

As you were finishing the Sticky Password initial setup on Windows, you clicked on "Start" to run Sticky Password for the first time.

Here is a quick tour of Sticky Password on Windows.

1) Quick Access

"Quick Access" screen will show you your most used Accounts, Bookmarks and Secure Memos.

Sticky Password Quick Access sectionSticky Password - Quick Access

2) Web Accounts

"Web Accounts" area is where all your website logins and passwords will be.

You can make groups, which are like folders, to group similar websites together. Some examples of groups are email, social networks, shopping, finance, travel, gaming, and so on.

Web Accounts sectionWeb Accounts

3) App Accounts

"App Accounts" is where you will manage logins and passwords for applications, in a similar way as under "Web Accounts".

App Accounts sectionApp Accounts

4) Identities

"Identities" is where you will create and store different personal records that you can use to fill out online forms with one click.

For example, you can create a record that has your credit card information (number, expiration, billing address). When you need to fill out a purchase web form with this information, you can tell Sticky Password to do it for you.

Not only does this save you time, it minimizes typing mistakes.

Identities sectionIdentities

5) Bookmarks

"Bookmarks" area is where you will save and manage your websites bookmarks.

Bookmarks sectionBookmarks

6) Secure Memos

"Secure Memos" section is where you will securely store additional information in the form of notes. Because memos are stored just as securely as passwords, they are a good way to store important personal information.

Secure Memos sectionSecure Memos

7) Sharing Center

"Sharing Center" is where you can share data with other Sticky Password users. For example, you can share passwords and notes with your family, friends and colleagues.

It is much more secure to share passwords through the Sticky Password "Sharing Center" than through email or text messages.

Sharing Center sectionSharing Center

8) Congratulations!

You've installed Sticky Password, set up your StickyAccount, integrated Sticky Password with your web browsers and taken a quick tour.

You're ready to start using Sticky Password to manage your passwords!

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