How to install Sticky Password on Windows

Ready to install Sticky Password?

Installing Sticky Password manager on Windows is easy and straightforward. Download the Sticky Password installer, run it, click a few times, and you're done!

To install Sticky Password on Windows, follow these eight (8) steps.

How to Install Sticky Password on Windows

1) Download Sticky Password

Use your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) to visit the Sticky Password website at: I'm using Mozilla Firefox in this example.

Then click on "Get Sticky Password Free".

Sticky Password download webpageDownload Sticky Password

2) Save Sticky Password Installer on Your Computer

A download window should open after a few seconds. Click on "Save File".

If a download window doesn't pop-up, click on the "restart the download" link.

Downloading the installer programSave Sticky Password Installer on Your Computer

3) Run Sticky Password Installer

After you download the Sticky Password installer file, run it.

In Mozilla Firefox, click on the "Downloads" arrow on the upper right side of the web browser, and then on the Sticky Password installer.

In this example, the Sticky Password installer file is called:


You may be using a different web browser. In that case, start the Sticky Password installer the way you would normally open a downloaded file.

Firefox window showing downloaded installer programStart the installer program

You can also start the Sticky Password installer by going to your "Downloads" folder with Windows Explorer, and double-clicking it.

Windows Explorer showing downloaded installer programDouble-click the installer program to start it

4) Select the Setup Language

The Sticky Password installer is now starting. Select the language from the pull-down menu you would like the installer to run in.

Installer window showing options for language during the installationSelect the language to use during the installation

5) Start Sticky Password Installation

To start installing Sticky Password, click "Next".

Starting the installationStart the installation

6) Accept the License Agreement

Check the checkbox next to "I accept the License Agreement".

Uncheck the checkbox next to "I want to help improve the user experience by allowing anonymous usage information to be sent to Sticky Password".

Installer window showing the License Agreement to acceptAccept the License Agreement

7) Sticky Password Is Installing..

Sticky Password is now being installed on your computer. It should complete in a few seconds.

Installation is in progressInstallation is quick..

8) Installation Successfully Completed!

That's it! Sticky Password is now installed on your computer. Congratulations!

Check the checkbox next to "Launch Sticky Password" (it may already be checked) and click on "Finish".

Successful installation screenInstallation is done!

Next Step

After you install Sticky Password on your computer you need to do an initial setup.

Proceed to Sticky Password Initial Setup.