View passwords saved in Chrome

You are using Chrome and would like to know where your passwords are.

Need to view passwords saved in Chrome? It is easy and I'll show you below.

If you're using Google Chrome to surf the web you are probably letting it save your passwords. This is convenient because when Chrome knows your passwords it can log you into websites automatically.

From time to time you may want to see what a specific password saved in Chrome is. Maybe you want to use it somewhere else, or are just wondering what it is because you're having trouble logging into a website.

To view passwords stored in Chrome follow these six simple steps:

How to view passwords saved in Chrome

1) Start Google Chrome web browser

Start Chrome web browser on your computer.

Google ChromeOpen Chrome

2) Open Chrome password settings

At the top right of Chrome, click on the Profile icon (Step 1).

Then click on the Passwords icon (Step 2).

Opening Chrome password settingsOpen Chrome password settings

3) Locate your saved passwords

You are now in the password settings section of the Chrome configuration. Your usernames and passwords saved in Chrome are listed under the "Saved Passwords" section.

Your saved passwords in Google ChromeYour passwords saved in Chrome

4) View passwords saved in Chrome

Once you locate the password you want to view, click on the eye icon - also called "Show password" - located to the right of the password.

Click on the eye icon to view the passwordClick on the eye icon to view the password

5) Enter your computer password

If you use a computer password to lock your computer (you should), you will be prompted to enter your computer password.

If you don't use a computer password to lock your computer, skip this step.

Prompt asking you to enter your computer passwordEnter your computer password

6) View the password

You can now see what your password is.

Be careful when viewing passwords. If there are people around you they may be able to see what your password is. Only view your password when you are alone and it is safe. View it as quickly as you can, and then hide it again by clicking on the eye icon again.

Your password stored in Chrome is now visibleYou can now see your password


Storing passwords in Google Chrome may be convenient but Chrome password management features are very basic and storing passwords in a web browser is not secure. Read about password managers to learn if using one may meet your needs better.