Import passwords to Chrome

You have your Chrome passwords in a CSV file and would like to import them into Chrome.

You want to import passwords to Chrome that you previously exported to a CSV file. Chrome allows you to import passwords in a relatively straightforward way. You need to turn the password import feature on and then importing passwords to Chrome is easy.

Since you're using Google Chrome to surf the web, your passwords are stored inside it. This is convenient because if Chrome knows your passwords it can log you into websites automatically. If you are replacing your desktop or laptop computer you may want to take your Chrome passwords with you.

When you export Chrome passwords you will end up with your passwords stored in a CSV file. The name of the file that has exported passwords is usually Chrome Passwords.csv, and the file is located somewhere on your computer (by default in your Documents folder), unless you moved it to a USB stick or external USB drive.

You can import passwords to Chrome by enabling the Chrome import feature, opening the password section in configuration options, and uploading the CSV file with your passwords into Chrome.

Google occasionally removes the password import feature from Chrome, and then brings it back again in a later Chrome version. If your Chrome version doesn't have the password import feature it is difficult to downgrade to a version of Chrome that had it, because Google does not allow distribution of earlier versions of Chrome. You may have to wait until Google decides to bring the password import feature back at some point in the future. Alternatively, try Mozilla Firefox, an open source web browser that protects your privacy on the Internet.

How to import passwords to Chrome

To import passwords to Chrome first turn on the Chrome password import feature and then import the passwords into it.

It is not complicated and you can get it done by following the guide below. I tested it with Google Chrome version 87.0.4280.141 and it should work with all Chrome 87 and later versions.

To import passwords to Chrome follow these eleven steps.

1) Open Google Chrome

Start Chrome on your computer.

Google Chrome web browserOpen Google Chrome

2) Search for Chrome experimental features

You first need to enable Chrome's password import feature. It is marked "experimental", meaning the feature exists but for some reason it is disabled. Sometimes before they are made available features require more testing or don't yet have all their functionalities optimally working.

To enable Chrome password import feature first type chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar.

Google Chrome Experiments section in configuration settingsSearch for Chrome experimental features

3) Search for Chrome password import feature

You're now in the "Experiments" Chrome configuration section.

Type password import in the search box.

Password import experimental option in Chrome configuration settingsSearch for Chrome password import feature

4) Enable Chrome password import feature

You should now see the "Password import" Chrome feature. To the right of it there is a pull-down menu. Select Enabled.

Enabling Chrome password import featureEnable Chrome password import feature

5) Restart Chrome

After enabling the password import feature, you need to restart Chrome. Click on the "Relaunch" button on the bottom right.

Relaunch button to restart ChromeRestart Chrome

6) Check that Chrome password import feature is enabled

After Chrome restarts double-check that the Password import feature is enabled.

Password import feature shows enabled in Chrome configuration settingsCheck that Chrome password import feature is enabled

7) Open Chrome password settings

At the top right of Chrome, click on the Profile icon (Step 1).

Then click on the Passwords icon (Step 2).

Opening of Chrome password settingsOpen Chrome password settings

8) Click on three vertical dots

You are now in the password settings section of the Chrome configuration. Next to "Saved Passwords", click on the three vertical dots.

Important: Importing passwords from a file on your computer into Chrome will overwrite any existing entries with the same username and password for the particular website.

Saved Passwords Google Chrome configuration section with three vertical dots to the rightClick on three vertical dots

9) Select "Import" from the pull-down menu

After clicking on the three vertical dots, a pull-down menu will open. Select "Import".

Pull-down menu next to Saved Passwords Chrome configuration settings showing "Import"Select "Import" from the pull-down menu

10) Select file with Chrome passwords for import

If you didn't change the default file name when you exported passwords from Chrome, the file is called Chrome Passwords.csv. It may be located in your computer Documents folder, unless you saved it somewhere else.

Locate the file with Chrome passwords, select it, and click on the "Open" button.

Selecting file with Chrome passwords for import into ChromeSelect file with Chrome passwords for import

11) Congratulations!

You have successfully imported your passwords from a file on your computer into Chrome.

Passwords imported into ChromePasswords imported into Chrome

Is there a better way to manage passwords?

There sure is. You could be using a password manager.