Find passwords saved in Firefox

Looking for your passwords in Firefox? It's easy to find them.

Find passwords saved in Firefox

You would like to find passwords saved in Firefox. Maybe you want to know where exactly they are saved, are looking for a specific password, or are curious what passwords you have stored in Firefox.

How did your passwords end up being saved in Firefox? When you're logging into a website with a username (or email) and password, Firefox usually asks you if you would like it to save your password. If you say yes, Firefox will save it and next time you visit the same website it will log you in automatically.

To find passwords saved in Firefox follow these three simple steps:

1) Start Firefox web browser

Start Firefox web browser on your computer.

Firefox web browser

2) Open Firefox password settings

On top right, click on the three vertical bars / hamburger icon (Step 1).

Then click on "Logins and Passwords" (Step 2).

Opening Firefox password settingsOpen Firefox password settings

3) Your saved passwords are listed here

You are now in the Firefox Lockwise section of the Firefox configuration. For each website, your username and password saved in Firefox is listed on the right side of the screen.


Using Mozilla Firefox to store passwords is better than storing them on sticky notes or in Microsoft Excel. Still, this method lacks the convenience and security of a password manager.

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