Delete passwords from Firefox

Do you need to clean up your Firefox passwords?

Firefox Lockwise section of a selected login/password account, with "Remove" button circled

You can delete passwords from Firefox if you don't need them any more. It is a good idea to remove those password records that you are no longer using to help avoid confusion and keep your passwords tidy and organized.

Most people never delete passwords from Firefox because they don't have to. Passwords stored in Firefox are out of sights and out of mind.

In a way, that is the point - to not worry about passwords and have Firefox log you into websites automatically.

Still, sometimes you have to remove a password or two, and because you don't do it often it is easy to forget where and how to do it.

Removing passwords from Firefox is easy, here is how to do it.

Delete passwords from Firefox

You can delete one, two or all of your passwords.

To delete passwords from Firefox follow these five steps.

Firefox version used to create this guide: 89.0.2.

1) Start Firefox web browser

Start Firefox on your computer.

Mozilla FirefoxOpen Firefox

2) Open Firefox password settings

On top right, click on the three vertical bars / hamburger icon (Step 1).

Then click on "Passwords" (Step 2).

Opening Firefox password settingsOpen Firefox password settings

3) Click on the "Remove" button

You are now in the Firefox Lockwise section of the Firefox configuration.

On the left side, select the account (login/password) you want to remove. I only have one but you will likely have more.

Then click on the "Remove" button in the upper right corner.

Firefox Lockwise section of a selected login/password account, with "Remove" button circledClick on the "Remove" button

4) Confirm you want to remove this login

A warning window will pop up, asking you to confirm that the login you selected should be removed. Once you remove the login, it is gone for good. Click on the "Remove" button to delete this password from Firefox.

If after removing a particular password you visit the website from which this password was from, and log in manually, Firefox will ask if you want it to save the login and password. If you say yes, Firefox will save the login/password information once again.

Of course, you should not be storing passwords in a web browser. See the homework section below for more information and a more convenient and secure alternative.

A pop-up window asking you to confirm you want to remove this loginClick on the "Remove" button

5) Your password was deleted from Firefox!

You have successfully deleted this password from Firefox.

Note: When I was creating the screenshots, I only had one password saved in Firefox, to demonstrate how deleting passwords from Firefox is done (I use a password manager instead).

If you followed these steps to delete a specific password, and have more than one password in Firefox, the rest of your passwords did not get deleted, only that specific one.

Firefox Lockwise section showing no passwordsPassword was successfully deleted


Saving passwords in a web browser like Firefox is not the best way to manage passwords. It sounds convenient but you will soon run into its limits, like not having your passwords available if you use another web browser like Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Web browsers are also not very secure and you should not trust them with your passwords. For a more convenient and secure way to manage passwords consider using a password manager.